Raikkonen Back With Ferrari

Ferrari has been successful to get one of their key mastermind back this year who goes by the name of Raikkonen. The champion of 2007 with Ferrari has decided to come back to Ferrari but this time his role will different.

Unlike old times when he would have been on the track itself fighting with other drivers this time he will be on the sidelines because he will be working with the engineering department and will also run the simulator of Ferrari.

Raikkonen did arrive at Maranello and there he will be spending three days with the engineers and discussing about the cars and everything. He will also run the simulator from there itself. When asked about how it feels to be back with Ferrari Raikkonen said that it always feels good to be working with Ferrari and not because of its brand but because of the people who work there.

Raikkonen who had earlier been with Ferrari got a warm welcome when he arrived at Maranello and the full team hopes that with his addition things will be better than before.

Raikkonen has already started working with the engineering and it seems that he is enjoying himself from day one. He said that the systems and the whole procedure is almost ready to go and he has also tested the simulator which seems to be working fine and it has also been very helpful to him. Raikkonen was not able to participate in the final two races last year because of the back surgery he had to undergo. Raikkonen was also asked about the work pressure and he says that he is able to cope with it even though he has not been with Ferrari since 2009 and there have been changes in the rules and regulations from this year.