Pundits Comment On F1

Martin Brundle is considered the pundit on F1 and he currently provided his expert advice and commentaries on Sky.

He talks about his personal experience, having been around F1 for about 33 years now and he feels that every season seems to go by even faster. This year the championship has had twelve events so far and there are nine more to go.

In F1 history, it is not always that four races are held in a single calendar month. The first time it happened, it was in the year 2005. The next time it would be in October which will remind the viewers that this season would comprise of 21 races. The medley of races has taken place in Europe and October would see a global expedition taking place.

Nico Rosberg has assumed a pole position with the one run available to him. However, in the mad rush that took place around the first corner wasted up all the rear tyres as he went into third gear. Even though the first corner race might not be decisive in many cases, it has been proven wrong in the races that were held in Germany and Hungary.

With the reliability and pace that the cars exhibited along with accuracy and consistency among the drivers, Martin feels that the races have been dictated by the start as well as the rundown in the recent races. He observes that Lewis Hamilton has been cruising in many races which have helped him conserve motor. He also beat the Red Bulls, though the Ferraris were disappointed and beaten in half a minute. Roseberg had taken on Max Verstappen and the kind of aggression he showed was exciting to watch from the arenas. These are some of the observations that Martin has to say about the recent races and the champions dominating the tracks.