Gerard Ducarogue, Designer Of Formula1 Dies

73 years was his last when Gerard breathed his last. He had produced victorious cars for Ayrton Senna and Jackie Stewart.

His career began with Matra in the 1960s which was the junior categories. The car in which Stewart won the F1 World Championship in 1969 was also designed by him. It was an MS80 which he had designed. Matra was succeeded the following decade at Le Mans. Marque had 24 hours wins straight over the period of 1972- 74.

Then new team called the Ligier was joined by him which was the maiden win of the team of the Swedish Grand Prix held in 1977. Hence, his genius was proved yet again with the design of a new car.

In the mid season of 1979, Ligier had dropped him for the better since it was Lotus under which his most cherished spell began. Gerard designed and planned according to his capability which was always the best but Peter Warr took the reins after the death of Colin Chapman. The team was in steady hands however.

Ayrton Senna was pushed thanks to being the lead driver in the year 1985. Significant and cherished victories of the race were achieved by him. Maiden victory of Brazil at Estoril was also remarkable. Yet another feat would have kept him eluded despite the fading away of fortune of Lotus in 1990, Gerard was back in France till 1994, being with Larrousse and then Ligier. Condolences were offered by many who had known the