Drivers Look Ahead To 2016 Formula 1

The F1 stage will now be heading to an Olympic venue on this weekend and the Formula 1 2016 Russian Grand Prix will be held at the Sochi Autodrom.

Some of the players involved are eagerly looking ahead to round 4 of this season.

The Toro Rosso team player Max Verstappen expresses his views on this match. The first thing he remembers from his previous race in Russia is indeed his best qualifying acts. He feels that it’s always wise to begin the race from the highest spot. Though the player did not have a pleasant start, but he tried his best even when his car was damaged. The player hopes for another good result now in Sochi after his strong race that was held in China.

Carlos Sainz is hoping for another exciting race similar to the last year’s race and he is working hard to score highest points even in this season. As far as Fernando Alonso of McLaren is concerned, he said that his experience in Sochi during his race in 2014 and 2015 was quite good. He hopes to balance the car when it goes weaker in long and fast straights. He is looking forward to see how well he can enhance the strength of his package in the track this season.

For Jenson Button, Sochi Autodrom is one of the fastest courses in the city and it will be interesting to watch other teams going in different directions for pit stops. The new rule of tyre has spiced up things as there are many variables and it’s tricky to score highest points to reach on top. Button with his team is all set to head in the right direction and making every effort to push and work hard to achieve victory in this season. Well, the players have so much of positive energy in them and it is definitely going to be an interesting and challenging race for viewers and fans.