Button Confident Ahead of European GP

British Formula 1 driver Jenson Button is hopeful and confident that he will be able to bounce back at the European Grand Prix that takes place over the weekend at Valencia in Spain.

At the moment, the British driver is a whopping 43 points behind Lewis Hamilton, his team mate at McLaren F1 after he managed to score just two points in the last four races that took place. Button was even lapped by the younger British driver at the last race in Canada and as a result, he has reverted to the set-up of Hamilton’s car in Valencia.

Speaking about how the new set-up will affect him, Button stated that he had been on the simulator on this set-up and had done plenty of laps on tip and is hopeful that it wouldn’t take too long for him to get on top of it during the race. The lack of pace that had been attributed to Jenson Button in Canada was due to a different set-up in the rear suspension than the one used by Hamilton for the race and this set-up was responsible for wearing out his tires quickly.

However, this set-up was not used for the previous races in Monaco as well as Spain and there too, Button was extremely slow on the tracks. McLaren and Button have been working extremely hard over the last two weeks after the Canadian Grand Prix in order to find the problem but without any result whatsoever.

When asked how confident he felt about winning the race in Valencia, Jenson Button assured that he was 100% confident of winning and having 7 race winners in the 7 races so far this season has boosted his confidence as well and he is looking forward to burn some serious rubber on the track.