Bruno Senna Races On

Bruno Senna was three-time Formula One world champion, Ayrton Senna’s nephew. At the early age of 10, he started his go-kart. His uncle always said that one should see his nephew if they thought that he was fast. He promoted a lot of awareness in his nephew’s development as a young driver.

Ayrton Senna, who died in 1994 at Imola putting that progress on hold. For the next 15 years, Bruno’s family put his budding motor career to a stop until he made his debut in grand prix in 2010. Senna’s uncle’s legacy led to safety developments in Bruno as a professional in motor sport, for which the younger Senna was grateful. Bruno claimed that his uncle’s accident had been a way in for changes in safety. He also said that many things had changed in safety in F1.

He said that circuits had improved hugely with respect to safety but regrettably, those things had to happen sometimes back to progress what people did to keep them from getting injured. Bruno took on the classic 24 Hours of Le Mans with Aston Martin even though he found it difficult in monotonous cars on the F1 grid before going to sport cars. Tragedy struck the younger Senna again during the third lap of the 2013 race when Allan Simonsen, the former Australian GT champion, who happened to be his Danish teammate, died in a deadly crash. He said that it had been the first time that he had experienced of someone being died on the track in his presence. He had been very close, on his team in the sister car. Senna also added that it was unfortunate to see people losing their life in motor racing nowadays but it is worse to see when Allan passed away for no reason while doing what he loved to do.

It was tough for Senna to finish the endurance race at that moment.