An Important Conference Led To Many Important Decisions Being Taken

A heavyweight meeting was set up between Ecclestone, FIA president Jean Todt and Luca Di Montezelomo completed discussion for both Ferrari’s president appealing for the return of the sport which f1 was used to be before and f1’s profitable supremo.

As per Montezemolo, making his first appearance in an F1 enclosure of the year, F1 has become too difficult and the responsibility on drivers to set aside engines and tyres is not what is expected from formula one.

But Dennis is obstinate saying further that the sport should not discard its revolution and road-car relevancy with a quick reversal hardly after the two months when the new period dawned and also the F1 is doing the right job of implementing greener know-how. Mc Laren, the chief executive said to the sky sports news during a long interview in the Bahrain compound that there has to be a time and he thinks the time is now here where they take a more socially-responsible place. The reality is that they are residing in such a world where resources are depleting and the environment is at risk. Though they are a part of the formula one which is the peak of the motorsport, being the peak of the motorsport they need to have the recent technology.

Ferrari’s hostility to the new F1 has unavoidably connected to their efforts so far to maintain pace with the frontrunners, but an annoyed Montezelomo refused the teams antagonism which was provoked by self interest. He told to the sky sports news that Ferrari has to be more feasible with the new set of convention. He is making an attempt for making the rules more competitive, it is about the changing of rules for the future and not for now.