The Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso has said that he is extremely looking forward to a chaotic first few laps of the race in order to make up the positions after a poor qualifying session. Fernando Alonso has to finish in the podium positions coupled with a number of different combinations for Sebastian Vettel in order to win the title this season.

He comes into the final race of the season – the Brazilian Grand Prix – 13 points behind the German driver. There are 25 points available for the winner, which means that Vettel should finish in the fourth position.
Due to the excellent reliability and pace of the Red Bull cars, it has been thought that Alonso should make a victory at least the minimum requirement from this race.

Alonso could manage only an eighth place finish in the qualification. Even though it has been promoted to the seventh position due to the penalty for the Williams driver Pastor Maldonado, it is still an extremely poor qualifying performance by the Spaniard. He has said that the only way he can now hope for a victory is to get a chaotic race in the first few laps. His teammate Felipe Massa was substantially quicker, which questioned the performance of the Spaniard.

“Happy with the lap, happy with how qualifying went. We were seventh in Abu Dhabi, we were ninth in USA, we are eighth here so no surprises from that. We finished on the podium in the last races starting in those positions so hopefully tomorrow we can repeat the performance and can be on the podium. We need some chaotic race in a way to mix a little bit the positions,” said Fernando Alonso. If Alonso wins the title this season, it would be his first since moving to Ferrari.