New Update Of Mercedes Formula 1

The new updates revealed by the Mercedes Formula 1 for the Austrian Grand Prix are the latest news as it’s the biggest change of this season made by the team. The changes made to the rear wings and side pods clearly show how well the developments are being made. Matt Somerfield and Giorgio Piola are involved in modifications to unveil what’s behind them. The update made by the Mercedes in Austria is one of its kinds. There were minor modifications made by Mercedes to 2018 challenger on the open 8 races. The design team is totally focused and putting in efforts to come up with bolder side pods like never before.

The extensive alterations are made to W09’s side pods. The cooling inlet is pushed backwards and bodywork has been enhanced to improve the overall performance around the car. The modifications done will show a good change from low to high speed handling features and it will be a car for all kinds of tracks and distinct weather conditions. The changes done by the engine department of Mercedes will work perfectly with the modified power unit. In the year 2018, there were lots of improvements done by Ferrari in comparison to its original design and concept. It was accompanied by Williams, Red Bull and Haas as they also wanted to modify the overall airflow at the center of the car.
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Red Bull boss Christian Horner hit out at Ferrari after it appeared to blame Max Verstappen for the dramatic first-corner collision at the Singapore Grand Prix, saying anyone who does so needs their eyes tested.

Verstappen found himself stuck between pole sitter Sebastian Vettel and his Ferrari teammate Kimi Raikkonen moments after lights out at Marina Bay. Continue reading HORNER HITS OUT AS FERRARI BLAMES VERSTAPPEN


The winner of the McLaren Autosport BRDC award Lando Norris has revealed that he held talks with other Formula One sides about the possibility of enlisting in their young driver programmes.

He has won four titles in his two years and became part of the junior team in McLaren this February after his exploits.

The former karting world champion also won the Formula Renault Eurocup, the NEC and MABA. The MABA includes a privilege of a formula 1 test, a paid simulator role and a fitness programme to aid his career. He won the opening encounter with Carlin at the Formula 3 European Championship at Silverstone.

Norris says before he joined McLaren he had contact with other teams.

“We had a few discussions with a few teams – Red Bull, Renault and Mercedes. It wasn’t so much on just wanting to get on a junior programme; it was more about getting to know what they could offer and what opportunities they could offer in the future. In that sense, McLaren was by far the best,” the 17-year old talent said.

He attributed the location of McLaren in England as a plus but he addedthat their future opportunities helped him make the decision. McLaren promoted juniors Kevin Magnussen and StoffelVandoorne recently so his hopes are well placed. He would be joining Formula 2 racers Nyck de Vries and Nobuharu Matsushita in the programme.

Norris said McLaren has the best record of helping young drivers into the F1 programme and that the drivers have a certain level of control that he admires.

“McLaren offer a lot more, and believe in their drivers when they have the chance to get to F1,” he added.


George Russell becomes the third member of the junior programme of the Mercedes Team.

There, he joined Pascal Wehrlein and Esteban Icon- incumbent F1 racers. The 18-year-old Briton got a third place in the European Formula 3 Championship (2016), with Mercedes-Benz supporting and powering him to get numerous wins.

Toto Wolff, Mercedes- Benz Motorsport chief said George has shown impressive form in the junior categories and they have been keeping a close eye on him for a while now. They believe he is in the early days of his career and they see great potential in him.

Russell has been scheduled to compete in 2017 GP3 Series with ART Grand Prix. The company believes it will provide a good test of his skills and credentials towards the future. They believe that since Esteben used it as a testing ground they would be very interested in this series also.
While giving response to the news, Russell said;

“It’s great to be part of the Junior Programme. It is an incredible opportunity to have the backing of the Formula One World Champions. I’m proud to have been given this kind of recognition for all the hard work that’s gone into my career over the years so far.”

Though the first 2017 pre-season test is still weeks away, Russell is prepared to maximize his time in the competition. According to him, he has started work with the team whom he believes are the best in the business and is sure to help him become a developed driver.

He stated that despite knowing that his priority was to get the job done over the coming season in GP3, the opportunity is a huge motivation, and he is really looking forward to the challenge.

Russell was the winner of the BRDC 2014 Formula 4 Championship.


Valtteri Bottas is now confirmed as the Mercedes team-mate for Lewis Hamilton as the Finn will be joining the world champions from Williams.

The Finn was revealed at the Brackley HQ of the team which happened to be the same afternoon Williams confirmed that Felipe Massa had truly come out of retirement in replacement of Finn in their line-up.

Despite this announcement ahead of 2017, Mercedes did not disclose the length of Bottas’s contract. As Mercedes revealed Bottas as a team member, he said;

“We did the contract today and obviously I’ve been dreaming for a long time to drive for a team like this, a team of champions”. So I’m really proud to be part of this and proud of what you’ve achieved in the last few years but also in the whole history of Formula 1. It’s mega to be driving a Silver Arrow myself this year.”

He stated how eager he was to start working with them and that there was enough time until testing to sort everything out. He aimed to win all possible points available in his first race.

Bottas will become Hamilton’s second team-mate at Mercedes and even The Finn is looking forward to working with the triple world champion.

The Finn believes they can be a strong pair working together. He expressed his great respect for Hamilton and is very sure the two of them would really make a great team. Also, he stated how sure he was that the two of them will push one another to be better.

Toto Wolff, Mercedes chief, has been a link between the company and The Finn’s management but had confirmed that he had stepped down from playing that role.

Wolff believes Bottas’ arrival would cause a new dynamic after the fractious Hamilton-Rosberg partnership which lasted four seasons.


With the failure of Bernie Ecclestone to negotiate its return, it has been confirmed that the German Grand Prix will not be featured in the 2017 Formula One season calendar at the Hockenheimring.

This was after it made its reappearance in this year’s calendar.

In an interview with AutoBild, Georg Seiler, the executive director of the race had said,

“There was no offer that would have excluded all economic risks. But just that was always our prerequisite.

A pity, but not a surprise considering that the date was subject to confirmation and no deal between F1 and the Hockenheimring was put in place.”

Only a few fans of the German Grand Prix would be surprised by the news as Ecclestone has made it quite clear in the past that the Hockenheim event was not as it should be. In 2015, it was absent on the calendar, only to make a reappearance in 2016.

Ecclestone while speaking to had said that he wasn’t sure of how the race could be saved, as the issue was a commercial one. He had also said that the little interest by German fans in the sport, considering the pedigree Germany possess especially coming down to the Drivers and Constructors World Championships was not impressive in the least.

Formula One Group’s chief executive wasn’t quite sure as to what the directors of the race were looking for but to continue the races is something that has been considered as being “no longer economically feasible”.

He also mentioned that the directors of the Hockenheimring are still considering continuing with most of the terms and conditions that have been in use by both parties for the last two to three years and for them, it was no longer a good one.

Pundits Comment On F1

Martin Brundle is considered the pundit on F1 and he currently provided his expert advice and commentaries on Sky.

He talks about his personal experience, having been around F1 for about 33 years now and he feels that every season seems to go by even faster. This year the championship has had twelve events so far and there are nine more to go.

In F1 history, it is not always that four races are held in a single calendar month. The first time it happened, it was in the year 2005. The next time it would be in October which will remind the viewers that this season would comprise of 21 races. The medley of races has taken place in Europe and October would see a global expedition taking place.

Nico Rosberg has assumed a pole position with the one run available to him. However, in the mad rush that took place around the first corner wasted up all the rear tyres as he went into third gear. Even though the first corner race might not be decisive in many cases, it has been proven wrong in the races that were held in Germany and Hungary.

With the reliability and pace that the cars exhibited along with accuracy and consistency among the drivers, Martin feels that the races have been dictated by the start as well as the rundown in the recent races. He observes that Lewis Hamilton has been cruising in many races which have helped him conserve motor. He also beat the Red Bulls, though the Ferraris were disappointed and beaten in half a minute. Roseberg had taken on Max Verstappen and the kind of aggression he showed was exciting to watch from the arenas. These are some of the observations that Martin has to say about the recent races and the champions dominating the tracks.

Drivers Look Ahead To 2016 Formula 1

The F1 stage will now be heading to an Olympic venue on this weekend and the Formula 1 2016 Russian Grand Prix will be held at the Sochi Autodrom.

Some of the players involved are eagerly looking ahead to round 4 of this season.

The Toro Rosso team player Max Verstappen expresses his views on this match. The first thing he remembers from his previous race in Russia is indeed his best qualifying acts. He feels that it’s always wise to begin the race from the highest spot. Though the player did not have a pleasant start, but he tried his best even when his car was damaged. The player hopes for another good result now in Sochi after his strong race that was held in China.

Carlos Sainz is hoping for another exciting race similar to the last year’s race and he is working hard to score highest points even in this season. As far as Fernando Alonso of McLaren is concerned, he said that his experience in Sochi during his race in 2014 and 2015 was quite good. He hopes to balance the car when it goes weaker in long and fast straights. He is looking forward to see how well he can enhance the strength of his package in the track this season.

For Jenson Button, Sochi Autodrom is one of the fastest courses in the city and it will be interesting to watch other teams going in different directions for pit stops. The new rule of tyre has spiced up things as there are many variables and it’s tricky to score highest points to reach on top. Button with his team is all set to head in the right direction and making every effort to push and work hard to achieve victory in this season. Well, the players have so much of positive energy in them and it is definitely going to be an interesting and challenging race for viewers and fans.

Ricciardo says Red Bull Racing cannot challenge Mercedes early on

Red Bull Racing driver Daniel Ricciardo has said that his team remains a long way off from challenging pace setters Mercedes this season, at least for the early parts of the new Formula One season amid suggestions that there are problems with the drivability of the new Renault engines of the car.

The Australian was the only one who managed to challenge the Mercedes duo of Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton as they ran away with the Formula One Constructors’ Championship last season but he feels a repeat is bleak and he doesn’t feel that the car will be ready for the time being as well.

He has also suggested that it is better not to expect too much from the team as Mercedes have a clear two seconds on them and it is difficult to make up such a difference in a sport such as Formula One where the margin for error is very less.

He spoke to the media ahead of the inaugural race of the new season of Formula One in Australia and he has said that there should not be any expectations about pole positions or race wins, at least for the initial few races. The youngster also said that considering how bad things were for the team, he was pleased to have done reasonably well in qualifying.

Ricciardo has mentioned that although he cannot say anything about numbers in terms of the pure horsepower output that this season’s car is capable of, he has admitted that there are some problems. There were already suggestions that the team was not happy with the efforts of Renault during the winter and Ricciardo’s comments compound that.

He said that there are some issues with the drivability of the car and the sooner they can sort it out, the better.

Gerard Ducarogue, Designer Of Formula1 Dies

73 years was his last when Gerard breathed his last. He had produced victorious cars for Ayrton Senna and Jackie Stewart.

His career began with Matra in the 1960s which was the junior categories. The car in which Stewart won the F1 World Championship in 1969 was also designed by him. It was an MS80 which he had designed. Matra was succeeded the following decade at Le Mans. Marque had 24 hours wins straight over the period of 1972- 74.

Then new team called the Ligier was joined by him which was the maiden win of the team of the Swedish Grand Prix held in 1977. Hence, his genius was proved yet again with the design of a new car.

In the mid season of 1979, Ligier had dropped him for the better since it was Lotus under which his most cherished spell began. Gerard designed and planned according to his capability which was always the best but Peter Warr took the reins after the death of Colin Chapman. The team was in steady hands however.

Ayrton Senna was pushed thanks to being the lead driver in the year 1985. Significant and cherished victories of the race were achieved by him. Maiden victory of Brazil at Estoril was also remarkable. Yet another feat would have kept him eluded despite the fading away of fortune of Lotus in 1990, Gerard was back in France till 1994, being with Larrousse and then Ligier. Condolences were offered by many who had known the Posted on